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WC LIONS ACADEMY is a soccer club dedicated to enrich the knowledge about this sport to each of its members. Seeking to create new talents in this sport as well as different values that make them stand out in the society where they belong, as well as seeks to create opportunities for young people to reach the highest level of studies such as the university.


To captivate on one's love for soccer by cultivating individual skills, growing together within consistent teams, and participating in tournaments which lead to college scholarships, all within a growth-minded community.


To see men and women positively impact their communities and families through a love of soccer which purposely builds character and impacts career opportunities.

2009 copa chivas

The philosophy of W.C. LIONS ACADEMY S.C. is to give every interested child the opportunity to play in a travel soccer league and to participate in state and national level tournaments.  Because W.C. LIONS ACADEMY S.C. believes every player deserves an opportunity to grow and develop his/her full potential, we do not hold tryouts to choose children with high skill levels.  Rather, we place every child on a team.  Our experienced and licensed coaches work hard to help each player reach his/her goals and to realize that true growth occurs through hard work and commitment.  By purposefully playing in high level tournaments, it is our hope that some players will receive scholarships helping them to receive a college degree.

copa chivas
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